Understanding Home Security Systems

You invested in a home security system for a variety of reasons. Protecting your family was probably at the top of the list. Depending upon the age of your children (teenagers, adolescence or young ones) there may be times when they are in the house alone. Maybe you’re visiting the next door neighbor or you got an emergency call and had to leave, or perhaps you’re running late returning from work or doing errands. Whatever the circumstance, your children will need to understand some basic home safety rules as well as to how to use the family home security system in your absence. As a parent there may be reluctance to having a discussion about safety and home security for fear of scaring the children.

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Parents often underestimate the level of real-world knowledge of their children. It is possible to teach effective home security skills without instilling unnecessary fear in your children. To help you discuss this topic, here are some suggestions that can help your children develop good safety habits in the home. Each Child Is Different, Every child in your family is different, both physically and emotionally. So it’s difficult to specify an age when a child should be ready to learn the basics about the family home security system.

Your child needs to be responsible enough to follow directions and mature enough to understand that the security system access code is private information and should never be shared with anyone. As a basic guideline, if your child is old enough to stay home without adult supervision, he or she should be able to manage the family home security system. You as the parent can best judge this. For your young child that may not be ready to operate your home alarm system without supervision, he/she should learn the basic rules about answering the door or the telephone, and they can participate in family emergency drills.

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